Wellington Remembered
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Hotel Bailets
Hotel Bailets Hotel Bailets
The Hotel Bailets was the only private business in Wellington. It housed a general store, a saloon (dining room), and was the only drinking establishment in town. It was spared by the avalanche and continued in business until the end of Wellington. The left image shows the Bailets from the west; the right image from the east. And while gambling was common and alcohol sales may have been prevalent, the other popular vice was not available here: single men had to travel to Leavenworth or Everett for the (compensated) comfort of a woman.
Bailets dining room Bailets dining room
Patrons and staff in the Bailet's dining room. It is possible as some historians have suggested that these interior photos were taken at the Cascade Tunnel Station beanery that was rebuilt after the February 1910 avalanche that destroyed the original facility. However the window and door locations do not correspond to the photos of that structure. Patrons in the Bailets dining room or saloon. Note the electric lights, a luxury in 1913 small town America made possible by the hydro electricity brought in to power the electric locomotives.
Bailets cooks dnh
Kitchen staff pose in what we believe to be the Hotel Bailets dining room. Note the sun on the bar front that helps suggest a directional orientation. Waiter and patron in the Hotel Bailets dining rooms. The variety of workers depicted in these few images further suggests these images are from the Bailets and not Cascade Tunnel Station beanery.
fbf Hotel Bailets
Butcher prepares meat in the meat locker. An enlarged view of the Hotel Bailets image from above reveals something about the volume of snow received in Wellington.
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