Wellington Remembered
Oberg collection

Motormen's Bunkhouse
Motorman's bunkhouse Motormen's bunkhouse fire
The motormen's bunkhouse (structure at right) was located adjacent to the main track. It dated from the introduction of electric locomotives in 1909 and was a wood structure. In the immediate aftermath of the March 1, 1910 avalanche, the bunkhouse served as a temporary hospital for the survivors. Until these photos resurfaced, historians were not sure what happened to the bunkhouse. Now it is believed that during the winter of 1913/1914, a fire started in the bunkhouse. Wood construction combined with limited fire fighting resources in Wellington doomed the structure.
Motormen's bunkhouse fire Motormen's bunkhouse west elevation
Wellington suffered a variety of fire losses during its 37 year history. The most serious was a fire circa 1925 that destroyed many of the homes in the eastern reaches of town. The bunkhouse from the west (center) in an image take shortly before the fire.
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